Far Cry 6

Devs explain Far Cry 6 political conflict

Giancarlo Esposito's already iconic first video game role as the dictator Anton Castillo is one of the biggest reasons fans are hyped for Far Cry 6. Far Cry series is always set in a new land with a new hi...
playstation 5 PS5

Playstation 5 reveal: a quick summary

Here we have it folks, the all-new TP-Link VR500 router, AKA Playstation 5. The PS5 looks much bigger than the PS4. Maybe due to the fact that it packs a greater power than the previous console and is e...
Valorant Review

Valorant Review

After a decade of playing Counter Strike and almost another decade of Counter Strike: Global offensive. We can finally see a competent classic style multiplayer shooter. Valorant may have an easier learning cu...