2 VALORANT Teams Have Already Sold Out Their Season Tickets for VCT EMEA International Split

The blue wall that supports Karmine Corp has shown up in droves to purchase season tickets for their favorite team, giving those VALORANT fans access to all KCorp matches throughout the regular season. But KCorp was the second team to sell out its tickets, meaning another European organization outsold them first.

Fnatic, who are currently in the semifinals of the VCT LOCK//IN tournament, were the first team in the region to sell out their season ticket passes. The tickets began at 86.29 euros (around $92.05) to attend all of the matches for each respective pass.

The season tickets, which are available to purchase from the Riot EMEA website, aren’t the only way to see your favorite team in action. General admission tickets will allow viewers to watch several matches across a week.

The first day of competition on March 27, which will see Fnatic take on Giants and KOI facing off against Natus Vincere, has sold out. At time of writing, tickets remain available for the second day where Team Liquid will go up against Vitality and Heretics take on FUT Esports.

On days with one match, such as April 5 with Vitality and FUT Esports, the price of a standard ticket is 6.88 euros ($7.33), while the price is almost doubled for two matches.

The EMEA international league is set to kick off on March 26 and conclude on May 28.

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