Apex Legends Pro’s Car Allegedly Stolen While He Was Busy With ALGS Scrims

In many respects, it hasn’t been a month to remember for the Apex Legends players over at The Guard. It now seems that one member is also down a car after a 17th-place finish in the Split One Playoffs in London that fell far short of their own expectations and then having to observe as their organisation let go of practically all of its workers.

The Guard’s Keon Berghout was playing with his team in scrims last night, trying to fend off NICKMERCS from a contested drop spot and preparing for the next split of the Apex Legends Global Series this weekend. But a couple of missed calls from his girlfriend were apparently very important.

As Keon explained on Twitter, his girlfriend had been using his car while he was fixing up hers. Unfortunately, now it seems that Keon’s car has gone missing as well.

It’s not exactly what you’d call great timing for Keon and The Guard as he and his teammates are just days away from the ALGS Pro League beginning again. The team has the added pressure of having Tripods contest them on World’s Edge, the team made up of NICKMERCS, Deeds, and former G2 player Rigo “gent” Padilla. Contesting a drop spot in pro Apex when a real tournament or series rolls around is usually bad for both teams as it tends to lead to inconsistent results.

Still, The Guard seem to be staying positive about both Keon’s car situation and defending their preferred drop spot at the Overlook POI.

The Guard will be back in action this weekend when the ALGS returns on March 11 at 5pm CT. Unfortunately, there’s still no news on when Keon’s car will be back in action.

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