Atlanta FaZe Head Coach Crowder Has High Hopes for MW2’s Newest Map in CDL Play

The Call of Duty League’s Modern Warfare 2 map pool has been a source of discussion since the season’s beginning, and a recent update to the game has reignited the argument. After some play-testing and scrimmages this afternoon, a well-known member of the Call of Duty esports community believes Himmelmatt Expo, a new map that was included in Season Two Reloaded, has the potential to be used in competitive play.

Crowder, the head coach for Atlanta FaZe and former CoD world champion, had some good things to say about the new map after a few hours of watching pro players scrimmage on the CDL’s three modes.

“After watching it briefly a couple maps at a time, a couple game modes, I think it’s really good for Control in the sense like I think it’s a hundred percent a no-brainer for Control,” Crowder said on his stream.

He added on Twitter that Himmelmatt is “1,000 percent better” than Al Bagra Fortress, one of the three maps currently in rotation for the Control game mode, along with El Asilo and Breenbergh Hotel.

Al Bagra Fortress is widely regarded as the worst map and game mode combination in the CDL right now, and players and fans alike have been looking and hoping for a replacement. With Crowder and CDL pros on board with adding Himmelmatt Expo, that may come to fruition.

“I think Search and Destroy is definitely worth a conversation, it’s definitely worth a conversation and more testing,” Crowder said of Himmelmatt. “I like it for Hardpoint, but I don’t think Hardpoint’s that down bad, so again, that’s a conversation, but I think you need to have two really good teams actually go at it in Hardpoint to see what you can do.”

The CDL’s Major Four begins on March 31 with three weekends of online play before the tournament weekend kicks off on April 20.

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