Boston Uprising Adds Former Washington General Manager PRE

If teams don’t play musical chairs with upper management positions, it really doesn’t feel like an Overwatch League offseason. A few businesses are also starting early this year. The Boston Uprising announced today that Aaron “PRE” Heckman, former general manager of the Washington Justice, will be joining the team as GM for 2023.

PRE notably left his general manager position on the Justice in the latter half of the 2022 season. He transitioned to a senior advisory role in the organization after appearing to delete his Twitter amid huge changes that left the team with only a core roster of five players.

Boston is also a team in flux, with radical changes happening during the latter half of the 2022 season and the earliest parts of the offseason. Longtime general manager Chris “HuK” Loranger departed in late July, followed by head coach Kim “Lori” Seung-hyun and assistant coach Dennis “Barroi” Matz. Interim GM Vytis “Mineral” Lasaitis and head coach Valentin “Ascot” Wulfman also parted ways with the team last week.

“I am thrilled to be joining [the Boston Uprising],” PRE said on Twitter. “Their fans, city, history, and commitment to the league are truly special and I’m so happy to be part of it.”

With few remaining staff members from 2022, PRE may have a valuable opportunity to rebuild the foundations of the Uprising organization. No changes to the team’s nine-player roster have been announced, but the offseason is just beginning.

Throughout its five years in the league, Boston has struggled to climb above the midway point of the Overwatch League ladder. In 2022, the team ended with a 10-14 regular season record, picking up speed in the latter half of the season.

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