C9 Berserker’s LCS Finals KDA Was Highest By Any North American League Player In 10 Seasons

Since 2013, when another C9 player named Meteos earned a 54.0 KDA versus TSM in that season’s summer finals, Berserker’s 47.0 KDA against 100 Thieves on September 11 was the greatest KDA by any LCS player in a grand finals match. Despite finishing the game with a 23/1/24 score, Berserker was still seven kills and assists short of Meteos’ record.

That record has stood up throughout the LCS’ history, and Berserker’s performance yesterday was the closest any player has come to breaking it in nearly a decade.

In fact, no player had posted a KDA of at least 40 in the LCS finals since the 2014 Spring Split finals, when four out of five C9 starters did so in the same match against TSM. C9 support LemonNation had a KDA of 43.0 in that series, which was the closest any player had come to Meteos’ record until this year, according to League stats site Games of Legends.

Earlier this season, Evil Geniuses jungler Inspired flirted with history when he ran up a 39.0 KDA against 100 Thieves in the Spring Split finals.

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Across the entirety of the LCS Championship, Berserker held the second-highest KDA among all players with a mark of 6.1. Only his teammate Jensen held a higher KDA during this summer’s playoffs, according to League stats site Oracle’s Elixir.

With their win yesterday, C9 officially qualified for the 2022 League World Championship as North America’s No. 1 seed for the first time since 2013. They were slotted into Group A of the tournament’s group stage, where T1 and Edward Gaming await them.

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