Cr1t Calls for Dota 2 Players to Take a Stand Against Cheaters, Smurfs, and Boosters After Latest Valve Ban Wave

In order to help his side win the Open Qualifiers, Virtus Pro player Kamil “Koma” Biktimirov impersonated other players and secretly played for their teams, earning him a permanent ban from all PGL and Valve events.

Koma owned up to it after the announcement, admitting he “played an official match with another account” after listening “to the persuasions,” and that it was a “mistake.” The 20-year-old carry rounded off his statement by asking for a reduced sentence. It didn’t sit well with the community and has become a huge talking point among pros and fans alike.

Shopify Rebellion star Andreas “Cr1t” Nielsen shared his thoughts on the ban during his stream on Dec. 20. He admitted he was all for it and wants all players like that removed for good.

“What do I think about the ban on the VP carry player? I think it’s great,” he said. “Account sharing, smurfs, account buying, all sorts of secondary accounts. Get them the fuck out of Dota. I think it’s great. It’s my honest opinion.”

Cr1t’s anger towards perpetrators seems to run deep. The Danish star went on to say he is “so done” with smurfs, account sharers, and boosters in the scene, even in games that aren’t official. He has less of an issue with pro players (including his teammates) who use smurfs because their MMR makes it almost impossible to find games, but still thinks it’s “stupid” and doesn’t condone it.

“There was a time where you needed to smurf because you literally could not find games, but not anymore,” he explained. “I don’t think so, personally. This is a very personal take.”

As for account sharers like Koma, though, he implied there’s no excuse.

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