CS:GO Legend Pashabiceps Set to Make His MMA Debut

He disclosed today that the former professional athlete will compete in an MMA contest on the Polish freak combat programme HighLeague. The occasion will occur on March 18 in the famed Spodek venue in Katowice, which hosts IEM Katowice every year.

It remains to be seen who Pasha’s opponent will be in the upcoming fight. Since HighLeague is a Polish event, he will likely face off against a Polish influencer, fighter, or other personality from the country.

This won’t be Pasha’s first time in a fighting event. Last year in February at the second edition of HighLeague, the former Virtus Pro sniper made his fighting debut in a boxing match. Back then, his opponent was Michał “Owca WK” Owczarzak, a Polish bodybuilder and influencer. The esports legend won the fight with a knockout in the second round.

With the event being less than two months away, Pasha’s opponent is expected to be announced soon.

Pasha is no newcomer to Spodek. He played at IEM Katowice multiple times during his time at Virtus Pro. He even won the EMS One: Katowice 2014, the second Major in CS:GO’s history at the venue.

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