CS:Go Teams Dominated on the T-Side of One Popular Map in Legends Stage of Rio Major

The CT-side favours most CS:GO maps considerably, although one map defied that trend at the IEM Rio Major‘s Legends Stage. Teams have been boasting incredible stats on the T-side of Inferno. The map was picked six times in that stage of the event, with the terrorists claiming 68.1 percent of rounds, according to HLTV.

Inferno has the highest win percentage for the T-side among the maps during the Legends Stage, but it wasn’t the only map where the terrorists were statistically stronger. On Dust 2, teams recorded a 63.2 percent win rate on the T-side, though it was only playedtwo times. Squads also accumulated a 51.5 percent win ratio on the T-side of Vertigo, which was played in 10 games, making it the second most-picked map of the Legends Stage.

Only two maps—Mirage and Overpass—have a T-side win rate lower than 40 percent, with the former sitting at 39.3 percent and the latter at 32.6 percent in the Legends Stage.

While CS:GO maps are traditionally CT-sided on paper, the stats show in the last few years that most of the maps have even win rates for both sides. Inferno, for example, has a 50.8 percent CT round win percentage in 2022, according to HLTV. Since the stat reached almost 70 percent during the Major, it could be proof that participating teams have polished their attacking strategies, or their defensive ones are lacking.

The Major returns to action on Thursday, Nov. 10, with the first two quarterfinals.

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