Deft Recollects His Hardships After Winning Worlds 2022

League of Legends veteran Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu finally won the Summoner’s Cup over the weekend after ten years of attempting and failing. After the initial excitement and buzz subsided, Deft spoke about the difficulties he overcame on his long and difficult journey to becoming a world champion.

“Now that some time has passed, it hits me that none of this has been a dream. Every day, I was told I won’t win Worlds. That I am done, because of my injuries, or because I am too old,” Deft said, according to a translation by Korizon’s Ashley Kang. Since Deft suffered a serious lower back injury two years ago, many believed this 26-year-old AD carry was done with his career.

“And it took me 10 years to earn the right to look back at them, and say You are wrong. I hope me and my team’s victory can bring hope to people out there that are going through times more difficult than me, For in the end, the unbreakable spirit matters the most… I had so much fun this year,” Deft added.

Deft’s career started back in 2013, at the very inception of the League esports scene, with MVP Blue at OLYMPUS Champions Spring 2013.

“You supported me, undeservedly for me, and as a result, this has been the happiest year of my life. Thank you, always,” Deft concluded, still celebrating his victory over T1 in the finals of Worlds 2022.

Over the years, Deft has, together with the AD carry prodigy Jian “Uzi” Zi-Hao, established himself as one of the best marksmen players in the history of the game thanks to his consistency, dedication, and, above all, mechanical prowess.

Deft has, with DRX at Worlds 2022, raised like a true dark horse in the race and swept T1 with his incredibly powerful picks Varus and Caitlyn, showcased he truly is champion material and that he’s, even after all these years, still more than capable of standing tall even in the face of Faker.

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