Dev1ce’s Transfer To Astralis Reportedly ‘Completed’

According to a recent rumour from Josse van Dessel of Jaxon.GG, the player’s transfer from Ninjas in Pyjamas to Astralis is claimed to be “finished.” Dev1ce’s signing by the CS:GO team will probably be announced in the following days.

Dev1ce’s transfer saga has taken a good few weeks. The player left Astralis for NIP in April 2021 but hasn’t played in any official games since the beginning of 2022 due to mental health issues. Throughout the year, neither the organization nor the player updated fans about the latter’s well-being or status, leading to rumors popping up.

The transfer of dev1ce was first reported on Sept. 13. In the weeks that followed, new reports shed light on the details of the transfer, including a report that indicated NIP and Astralis had agreed to a transfer price for the player on Oct. 3. Another report also said dev1ce paid a part of the sum for his original transfer to NIP from his own pocket, igniting curiosity from the CS:GO community.

Originally, the transfer was expected to be announced after the IEM CS:GO Rio Major 2022 because organizations aren’t allowed to switch rosters between the RMR tournaments and the Major. But with Astralis failing to qualify, releasing k0nfig, and reportedly aiming to replace farlig, the move can and is expected to be announced at an earlier date.

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