Doinb Blames Tian for Nuguri’s Retirement From League as Tensions Rise on Social Media

Due to the Chinese New Year festivities, the LPL is currently on hiatus. Top Esports jungler Tian posted a depressing remark on his personal Weibo account on January 26 and then deleted all of his earlier postings, leaving supporters perplexed as to what had transpired during what ought to be a joyful and pleasurable time.

Fans started speculating whether something happened with his girlfriend since she also hid all her posts on Weibo. Shortly after the “no need emotions” post, Tian explained that it was indeed a relationship problem and he broke up with her after finding out that his girlfriend concealed the fact that she used to have a relationship with one of Tian’s friends.

As soon as the post came out, people started thinking Tian was referring to former Royal Never Give Up top laner letme, who also had a relationship with the girl, Mozi (墨子). That said, Tian quickly replied, saying that the friend “wasn’t a top laner,” eliminating letme from the list of suspects.

Mozi also gave her own version, putting the blame on herself and saying that despite Tian being childish at times, he was a “really good and loyal person.”

To put it simply, she hid the fact that she had a relationship with someone close to Tian and despite him asking her several times, she kept denying it. When Tian found out, he decided to break up with her, which led to him deleting the posts and unfollowing people, including former teammate Doinb and his wife, Umi.

Doinb’s response to Tian’s unfollow

The mid laner gave his thoughts about Tian on his stream today, claiming that “it’s hard to be that man’s friend or teammate” and that “you’ll get black-listed one day for no reason.”

“Generally speaking, it is other people not willing to play or talk with Amumu. But you don’t want to talk to anyone, you turned yourself into Amumu. You can’t blame everyone for this, you should blame yourself. No one from the old FPX is talking to him these days,” he continued, hinting at the fact that Tian was likely the issue behind FPX’s fall in 2021 at Worlds. The team, despite being one of the best League of Legends squads that season, was unexpectedly eliminated in the group stage.

Doinb also claimed that Tian would attack other people’s families after losing scrims, and that Tian was the reason why Nuguri decided not to continue his career. This seems to suggest that something must have happened in 2021 since the Korean top laner only played that season for Top Esports.

Tian’s reply on Weibo

After Doinb talked about Tian on his stream, the Chinese jungler posted a new message on Weibo, taking the blame and apologizing for causing such a situation: “Regarding my own personal relationship issue, I was impulsive and shouldn’t have disturbed everyone, I will take care of it myself.”

“I have been saying poor-mannered things before and I want to sincerely apologize to those affected,” Tian added. He clarified that he didn’t have any issues or conflicts with Nuguri, essentially negating Doinb’s accusations. “Regarding Nuguri’s retirement, I don’t really know what was the reason, but I didn’t have personal issues with him and I say it with a clear conscience,” Tian said.

Tian also publicly asked people to stop misleading and spreading rumors, which was likely hinting at his former teammate. He then ended the post, saying that being a professional player, he’ll put his focus into the official matches.

After seeing Tian’s Weibo, Doinb responded again, saying that he is “just being selfish here” and that Tian needs to explain. Top Esports’ jungler, though, didn’t reply again.

The LPL action is coming back next week after the break on Jan. 30. Tian and TES’ first match will be on Thursday, Feb. 2, against Rare Atom.

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