Doublelift Highlights Why League Champions Queue is Just as Bad as Solo Queue

When Riot Games forbade former professional players like Marc Robert “Caedrel” Lamont and Tim “Nemesis” Lipovek from competing during Worlds 2022, Champions Queue became a hot subject. In the interim, Riot shipped a tonne of updates in October in the hopes that it would regain popularity. In a recent stream, Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng, an ex-pro who may soon return to the professional ranks, gave his fans his unvarnished assessment of Champions Queue.

Doublelift tackled the topic of the Champions Queue on his latest stream, saying it can never replace solo queue because the games don’t have a middle ground and are either really good or really bad. “I don’t think Champions Queue is a good replacement to solo queue. It’s definitely interesting; at times Champions Queue is really good and then when it’s not good, it’s really bad,” Doublelift said.

What’s more, it can take up to two hours to play a single game of Champions Queue, while solo queue games are more frequent and of similar quality. Similar to the solo queue, Champions Queue has one-sided games that are decided in the first five minutes of the game, meaning you can spend the majority of the game slowly losing. With games being stomps, there’s no opportunity to learn from your mistakes since snowballing in League of Legends is simply too strong.

“There are definitely times where it takes me two hours to play a single game, and the game’s quality is pretty bad,” Doublelift said. “It’s just as bad as solo queue because not only did I wait two hours, but the game is totally lopsided in matchmaking, and it’s very very hard to learn anything when it’s just a complete one-sided stomp one way or the other.”

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