FGC Mixups: SonicFox Breaks It Down After Lil Nas X Brings Them On Stage

After being recognised in the audience, Twitch broadcaster and FGC legend SonicFox was seen on stage alongside well-known rapper and singer Lil Nas X.

Lil Nas X is no stranger to the realm of online entertainment and esports. Appearing in a 100 Thieves music video shortly after winning their first LCS title, Lil Nas X also produced the latest Worlds anthem and was briefly dubbed the president of League of Legends. The Grammy-winning artist had yet another esports crossover after noticing the six-time Evo champion SonicFox.

Adorned in their signature blue fox fur suit, multiple perspectives from Lil Nas X’s San Francisco concert caught the singer surprised, recognizing SonicFox in the crowd. Soon after, SonicFox and several others were brought onto the stage as Lil Nas X continued his performance. Twitter user arborealtiger posted footage of SonicFox joining the backup dancers for the performance.

Following their unexpected crossover, SonicFox went to Twitter to express their excitement over being featured on stage, writing “not only did Lil Nas X acknowledge me mid-set but he invited me on stage and we got pictures and videos.”

The Evil Geniuses pro player and streamer’s Twitter page quickly flooded with images and videos of the unexpected collaboration between the two, Lil Nas X even encouraging SonicFox to return to the stage after their appearance.

Though this may have been the first in-person interaction between the two, Lil Nas X previously revealed himself to be a fan of the fighting game champion following SonicFox’s Skullgirls Evo championship. Given that the SonicFox plushie showcased on Twitter was a limited edition run capped at 500 units, it is fair to say that Lil Nas X’s appreciation for the fighting game player runs deeper than many expected.

As SonicFox walked away beaming about their interaction with Lil Nas X, fans of either creator can likely expect further collaborations in the future.

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