FlameZ Just Pulled Off the Most Epic CS:GO Play of 2022, but It Was Buried in His Team’s 0-2 Loss

OG was eliminated from the $425,000 CS:GO tournament after losing 0-2 to Ninjas in Pyjamas at the BLAST Premier Fall Final today, but their star rifler Shahar “flameZ” Shushan provided a highlight that fans won’t soon forget.

The Israeli youngster was run-boosted with the help of his teammate Maciej “F1KU” Miklas from Vertigo’s T Spawn right into the B bombsite’s Stairwell, and the timing worked beautifully in flameZ’s favor as NiP’s es3tag was moving toward Wood. The most impressive aspect of this highlight is that OG had the nerve to pull this difficult mechanical play off right when NiP had just reached map point territory.

By the way the play was designed, we can tell that isn’t likely a play that was created on the fly. While F1KU was run-boosting flameZ to the B bombsite, nexa and degster rushed the bombsite to create a diversion for flameZ. That worked perfectly because nexa also killed one of the NiP players defending B.

Immediately after the play was made and OG secured a five-vs-three advantage, commentator Anders Blume said in the broadcast that OG deserved this round due to their ballsy play. OG did win the round, but they end up losing the following and NiP ran away with a 16-10 victory that settled the best-of-three series.

Since Vertigo entered CS:GO’s Active Duty map pool in March 2019, the pros have come up with these unthinkable runboosts, but the one made by OG is arguably the most epic ever made.

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