Formal Recognition: Former CDL Pro Seems to Confirm Dashy’s Departure From Optic Texas

While the writing seemed to be on the wall, some leaks feel like all the confirmation fans need. That’s what many OpTic Gaming supporters thought when OpTic Halo professional and former CDL pro Matthew “FormaL” Piper seemed to confirm that Brandon “Dashy” Otell has left OpTic Texas.

If true, Dashy will be leaving the organization that he has played Call of Duty with since September of 2018. FormaL, who played alongside Dashy during the Chicago Huntsmen and OpTic Chicago iterations of the roster, revealed on stream that he would miss Dashy which fans tooks as confirmation of the rumors of his departure.

“I kind of feel bad that the old team is splitting up,” said FormaL. “But hey, that’s just me, I know the players really well. It is interesting to see the new roster and stuff but I’m going to miss Brandon [Dashy] a lot. That’s my guy.”

After OpTic Texas failed to make it to the playoff stage of the Stage One Major, rumors began to surface that Dashy had left the team. The organization itself made no official announcement on social media of his departure, but Dashy began making cryptic tweets that suggested that he was no longer playing under OpTic. This is not the first time during the Modern Warfare 2 season that Dashy has been dropped from the roster. During the offseason OpTic Texas released both Dashy and Indervir “iLLeY” Dhaliwal, only for the team to revert that decision a day later and bring the two players back.

There have been several rumors as to who OpTic Texas is going to replace Dashy with; however, none of them have worked out as of yet. Originally, the team sought to pick up Alec “Arcitys” Sanderson, but Arcitys later revealed that the deal had fallen through. More rumors swirled about how Amer “Pred” Zulbeari could be joining the roster, but he too confirmed that the deal had also not gone as planned.

With only one more week until matches start back up, fans are anxious to see who will join OpTic Texas next.

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