FPX Rebrands Its VALORANT Team Ahead of Game’s Launch in China

Chinese VALORANT squad ZHUQUE roster was elevated to the starting lineup by the organisation. The team will henceforth compete under the FPX name. The release states that ZHUQUE “will assume the banner of FPX VALORANT and continue to compete in the VALORANT esports scene under the name of FPX.”

This move is most likely a result of FPX not getting a franchising spot in any of the three international leagues in VALORANT. From 2020 until November 2022, FPX fielded a European roster in numerous competitions across the world. The squad claimed first place at VCT 2022: Stage Two Masters in Copenhagen and secured fourth place at VALORANT Champions 2022.

After the partners of the VALORANT franchised leagues were unveiled, FPX released its roster from their contracts on Nov. 7. Most of their former players from last year were signed by Natus Vincere, and will compete in the 2023 VCT EMEA League.

On Dec. 28, it was announced that Riot Games’ title will be accessible in China soon. As a result, official game servers will be set up in the country, allowing the domestic scene to be created and thrive. Until now, Chinese players had to use a VPN to connect to other servers.

With that in mind, it’s logical for FPX to promote its Chinese roster. With FPX having no luck in finding a franchising spot elsewhere, and the domestic scene on the verge of beginning, it’s no surprise the Chinese organization is looking for opportunities in its home country.

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