Hylissang Discusses Fnatic’s Dreadful Start to the LEC Season

In contrast to his old squad Fnatic, MAD Lions’ Hylissang enjoyed a nearly flawless start to the 2023 LEC Winter Season. After the Winter Season concluded, the support player addressed Fnatic’s difficulties in the match.

The Bulgarian pointed out that in his eyes, current Fnatic players aren’t playing like a team, more like a pack of individuals, he said in an interview with Tom Matthiesen on Feb. 8.

“It seems like the players are not bonding together. They’re not a team. They’re just individuals playing the game, trying to solve things on their own,” Hylissand explained.

The Bulgarian also talked a bit about Fnatic back when he was on the roster. He admitted that back in the day there were still some issues, though, the squad didn’t exactly know “what was not working out and how we should fix things.” From his point of view, it’s much worse now, and it’s also tougher to precisely pinpoint the exact issue with the team.

Hylissang underlined that in a game like League of Legends, opening up and having straightforward communication is pivotal, especially in a professional team. “I feel like they haven’t done this,” Hylissand added when talking about Fnatic.

Fnatic surprised everyone and disappointed their fans in the 2023 LEC Winter Season, as the team won only two games and finished ninth. As a result, they hadn’t qualified for 2023 LEC Winter Groups, and will return to action at the beginning of the 2023 LEC Spring Split.

Hylissang and MAD Lions, on the other hand, finished in second place behind Team Vitality. In the next stage of the competition, their first opponent will be Astralis.

The LEC returns this Saturday, Feb. 11.

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