LEC Viewership Plunges During First Week of 2023 Winter Split

According to Esports Charts, the European competition’s first week saw a peak viewership of 454,630. Even if it could have been much worse, the number of viewers was much lower than it was during the LEC Spring Split’s first week last year. The LEC season’s opening week in 2022 saw a high of 527,567 viewers.

Over the course of the last three days, it was KOI and Excel’s clash that boasted the highest viewership. While both teams can be considered top squads, the match also had an interesting storyline with Odoamne facing off against his former team.

Last year, it was also Excel’s clash that accumulated the most viewers during the first week of the LEC Spring Split—that time against G2. Caps and co typically bring in plenty of viewers to their matches, and the case was no different this time. The European El Classico between G2 and Fnatic boasted 434,000 viewers over the weekend, according to Esports Charts.

The drop in viewership could be thanks to the new schedule. The LEC is now played from Saturdays to Mondays, while last year it was run from Friday to Saturday.

Update: the original version of the article stated that Odoamne had a personal vendetta against KOI based on one of his latest interviews, but it was deleted after clarification.

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