LeTigress Temporarily Stepping Back From LCS Following TSM-Doublelift Segment Backlash

The League of Legends community has been very upset since the LCS aired a contentious section during a regular season game day, almost a week ago. Popular LCS host and caster Gabriella “LeTigress” Devia-Allen said today that she will be stepping down from the programme for the following week as a result of the event.

The problems began when LeTigress dove into a detailed monologue meant to hype up an upcoming game between TSM and 100 Thieves, with her monologue centered around the heated feud between TSM and superstar AD carry Doublelift. This situation was, however, presented in a manner that many people found “unprofessional and tone-deaf.”

Some people believed that the way LeTigress handled the topic was far too nonchalant since the subject surrounded the alleged abuse of TSM players and staff members.

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But after a plethora of complaints were raised on social media, both the league and LeTigress issued apologies saying they “missed the mark” with this specific segment. The league also ensured that the fault should be set on the shoulders of the entire broadcast team and not a single person since it is important for the entire team to ensure that the product being presented is perfect.

LeTigress did bring to attention the number of anonymous hate messages that were levied against her since her monologue was broadcast and said she was “horrified by the harassment and vitriol directed at me by anonymous trolls for simply doing my job.”

As a result, the talented caster has made the decision to take a mental health break to regroup and reflect on the recent happenings before she returns to the show for week four of the 2023 LCS Spring Split.

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