Mark Your Calendars: LEC Will Reportedly Shift Matchdays in 2023 League Season

For the 2023 season, the LEC will alter its weekend schedule, according to a report from Alejandro Gomis of According to, the European League of Legends will hold its matches on Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays in 2019.

This shift will still revolve around the weekends, but Friday’s games will reportedly be replaced with a Monday slate of contests.

The changes to the league’s matchdays won’t be the only major shift for the LEC in 2023. The league also plans on breaking up its schedule into three splits as opposed to the traditional two. An extra split, called the “Winter Split,” will begin in January, while the LEC season will conclude with the “Season Playoffs” in July. The Mid-Season Invitational will still take place following the Spring Split, while the World Championship will follow the Summer Split, as per tradition.

Beyond the LEC, the LCS also has plans to reportedly change which days of the week its matches are played on. Next season, the LCS will reportedly shift to a schedule that features games on Tuesday and Wednesday, according to an October report by

Should the LCS and LEC both shift their matchdays, League fans will have consistent games to watch throughout the weekend and early portion of the week in 2023. A schedule of Western games that runs from Saturday to Wednesday will only leave two days of the week open for uncapitalized Western-centric viewership on Riot’s end.

Even still, the LPL and LCK will host games nearly every day of the week, leaving the entire calendar booked with League games. Between the four major regions and two international tournaments, at least one game of professional League was played on nearly every day spanning from early January to November in 2022.

The 2023 LEC season will start in January with the beginning of the Winter Split. Riot will also host a global 2023 League season kickoff event on Jan. 10 to replace the All-Star Event, which was canceled outright in 2021.

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