None Left Standing: SK Gaming Convincingly Take Down Final Undefeated Team in LEC Winter Split

After SK Gaming handed Team Vitality their first loss of the split, there are no longer any unbeaten teams competing in the LEC Winter Split. The same punishment was meted out by SK to G2, who were also on a winning streak, just a day earlier.

Vitality headed into the match against SK with a unique draft that relied on scaling, but the early game aggressions and ganks from Markoon didn’t give them any opportunity to execute their game plan. After securing the first blood, Markoon kept the ball rolling and helped his teammates gain control of their respective lanes with well-timed ganks.

This also allowed SK players to behave more aggressively in their lane phase, which was specifically effective in the mid lane, where Sertuss kept Perkz in check and didn’t give him opportunities to close the gold gap between the teams. Another praise-worthy performance was Irrelevant’s in the top lane: His Renekton was pivotal during fights around objectives and a crucial factor in limiting Bo and Photon’s attacks to SK’s backline.

SK also capitalized on several mistakes made by Vitality in the heat of the game during crucial teamfights, allowing SK to further impose their rhythm to the game. Their rotations, positioning, and deep vision in the enemy jungle allowed SK to obtain the first and second Baron buff with ease, which in turn led SK to further increase their map control.

One more fight in the mid lane sealed Vitality’s fate as SK took down their enemy one by one and immediately headed for their Nexus. SK will play current LEC champions KOI in their formal match of the week tomorrow, and taking them down would further consolidate SK’s position as kingslayers of the Split.

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