One champion had a 100 percent pick-ban rate through the group stage at Worlds 2022

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The dust and destruction have settled on Summoner’s Rift and the group stage at the 2022 League of Legends World Championship has finally concluded. There have been over 100 champions chosen at the tournament so far, but only one pick has taken over as the king of the meta: Aatrox.

The Darkin Blade has been one of the most prioritized champions in the event so far with a 100 percent pick-ban rate through the Worlds groups games. He was played in 14 matches with an impressive 64 percent win rate, while also being banned in 72.5 percent of the other games in the stage, according to Oracle’s Elixir.

The powerful demon has been dominant for most players in the early game as well, holding great pre-15 minute stats in groups with a 174 average gold difference at 15 minutes and a 173 average XP difference in the same time span. His great damage and solo crowd control make him a good choice to deal with most picks in the top lane, and his scaling into the late game allows him to impact teamfights heavily.

It also helps that most high-level top laners can pilot Aatrox relatively easily, making him an easy choice in any composition. If a coach wants a top laner that can dive, teamfight, and soak a good amount of damage while still dealing a ton of destruction in the meantime, they can blind-pick Aatrox since he can win many matchups or survive.

Whether you’re watching JD Gaming’s superstar top laner 369 dominating with 10 kills and 11 assists, or T1’s young star Zeus rocking with three kills and nine assists, Aatrox provides a perfect frontline that can still pack a massive punch

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