One of the Best VALORANT Players in the World Can’t Carry Trolls in Ranked—So Why Would You?

Two AFK players on Cloud9’s team caused his team to lose a ranked match in Brazil, a situation that many casual players have encountered when playing VALORANT. We may infer from the way ‘El Diablo’ responded that yay’s squad didn’t make a comeback in the second half after he was shown losing by a score of 0-12 on Brazil’s rated server earlier this month. The user who discovered yay on Twitter hinted that even professionals struggle to compete in ranked matches in Brazil, saying that “Brazilian ranked does not forgive.” yay concluded his message with a crying emoji by writing, “[I had] two AFK players.”

Playing with one of the best VALORANT players in the world clearly wasn’t enough to stop yay’s teammates from going AFK. This loss shows that even the most skilled pros can’t make a difference if they’re playing a three-vs-five.

Yay and other professional players from all over the world have traveled to Brazil to play at VCT LOCK//IN in São Paulo. This $500,000 VALORANT tournament is the inaugural competition for all 30 partnered teams and will also feature two Chinese squads.

After such a terrible start on Brazil’s ranked server, yay should probably stick to scrimming and playing deathmatch while he waits for VCT LOCK//IN to begin. The tournament will be played from Feb. 13 to March 4 and all 32 teams have been placed in a single-elimination bracket that was made to prioritize matches featuring two different regions.

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