‘Pathetic Trash’: G2, BreakThru Clash Over VALORANT Challengers Controversial Round Replay Request

A technical issue during the VALORANT NA Challengers match yesterday between G2 and BreakThru caused a long delay and also some drama between the two teams. During Round 18 of Map 3, BreakThru appeared to be saving for the next round at a two-man disadvantage. In a strange turn of events, BreakThru flyuh appeared to be completely AFK as he was knifed down by G2 Oxy at B Tower on Pearl.

There was a technical pause after the end of the round that lasted about 25 minutes. As it turned out, there was a Teamspeak server crash, so the teams were moved over to Discord before continuing the game. G2 ultimately won the game 13-8, along with the series.

Immediately following the match, G2 wippie and dapr tweeted out about the Round 18 incident.

Wippie and dapr accused BreakThru of asking for a replay of a round that G2 had dominated in. BreakThru flyuh responded directly to wippie’s tweet and said none of his teammates asked for a replay. He also mentioned that he had tabbed out of the game shortly before being killed in the round, so their coach asked questions on the team’s behalf. This made it sound as though it was BreakThru’s coach who asked for the replay.

BreakThru’s coach, Tanizhq, responded directly to dapr’s tweet and also denied asking for a replay, despite what flyuh had said. He later clarifies that he was only asking the admins about the economy moving forward in the game since flyuh’s death in that round happened as a result of the technical issue.

Aiming to clear up any harmful accusations, flyuh explained the whole situation from his perspective.

He acknowledged his team lost “fair and square” but stands by the claim that they never asked for a replay to get a free round out of it.

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