Peanut Details 3 Reasons Why He Thinks T1 Are LCK’s Strongest Team This Split

According to Gen.Peanut, G’s his major adversary in the 2023 LCK Spring Split is the top team in the league, and he gave some justifications. According to Peanut in an interview with Korizon Esports on February 1, T1—who are currently in first place in the standings with four victories and zero losses—are the favourites to win the 2023 LCK Spring Split. He based his judgement on three gameplay components that T1 is doing an outstanding job of.

“In order for us to beat T1, Riot needs to make additional patches around the bot lane,” Peanut said. He added their bot lane currently has “the best understanding” of the meta, and also have the best idea of “how to improvise upon it.”

T1 seem to have the best jungle-bot communication in the competition as well, according to Peanut. And that’s on top of their players being simply “so good right now,” including T1’s Oner, who plays the role as Peanut.

When asked if Gen.G can be considered the favorite to defend their LCK title this split, Peanut disagreed. “We’re far from it because when I see T1 perform, it’s like ‘wow, T1 is playing super well,’” he said. “T1 is the scariest opponent right now.”

Gen.G have already faced off against T1 this split. Peanut lost that match decisively, but Gen.G did defeat Dplus KIA, who are another strong contender for the title.

Their next game will be played on Friday, Feb. 3 against the third-placed squad in the standings, Liiv SANDBOX.

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