Perkz Sings the Praises of His Teammate, Claiming He’s ‘One in a Generation’

Prior to the 2023 Winter Season, Team Vitality underwent a number of adjustments, but their star mid laner Luka “Perkz” Perkovi thinks one of them will be crucial going forward. The Croatian claimed that Vitality’s new starting jungler, Zhou “Bo” Yang-Bo will be a game-changer in the upcoming LEC Winter Season. He named the Chinese player “one in a generation that somehow just breaks the game,” in an interview with The Loadout on Jan. 19.

“Obviously it’s a little bit of speculation as well, but I’ve seen enough of him to be able to say that I think he’s ‘the guy’. He’s the chosen one – like Neo in The Matrix,” Perkz added when praising Bo.

“It’s just his raw talent, the way he plays situations out better [than other players]” Perkz underlined. Bo is said to have a very natural approach to displaying his prowess in the game.

Bo is one of the four new elements of Vitality’s main roster for the 2023 LEC season. In fact, only Perkz remained on the lineup from the 2022 team. Besides the talented jungler, top laner Photon, and veteran European bottom lane of Neon and Kaiser make for other additions.

The 2023 LEC Winter Season begins tomorrow, on Jan. 21. Vitality’s first opponent will be Fnatic.

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