R6 Coach Under Fire for Allegedly Sharing Image of Unconscious Woman Without Her Consent

Ellis “GiG” Hindle, a coach for Rainbow Six Siege, has come under fire for sharing a picture of a woman who was unresponsive on Twitter. The coach has previously received criticism for similar occurrences. A woman came forward on January 19 to describe her unsettling encounter with GiG. She sent a TwitLonger outlining what transpired from her perspective. Since then, other members of the Rainbow Six community have come forward to express their support for her and their disapproval of GiG and the other accused participant.

According to the victim, her former boyfriend, an R6 pro, showed her a photo GiG had been sharing on social media that depicted her passed out after drinking too much next to R6 player Joe “Joe” Crowther. After the photo was shared on social media by GiG, the woman—known as “Buwonye” on Twitter—started receiving death threats, including people telling her she was a “hoe” and she should “kill herself.” Some even blamed her for the situation since she had a dating app.

Some hostility also focused on the fact she was dating R6 player Iikka “Erkkari” Anttila before the photo was taken. Buwonye also addressed that situation: She had broken up with him before she ended up hanging out with Joe. She also added her time spent with Joe was “as friends” since she had recently been in a relationship.

On the night in question, she said: “I told him I don’t remember [anything]. He said he went to the bathroom and when he was back, I was sleeping. But he never mentioned to me or told anyone he took any picture.”

In a screenshot included in the TwitLonger, Erkkari could be seen using Snapchat to show her the photo. In the photo, she is laying on her stomach and appears to be topless.

“I met with Joe, we went to drink, we both got drunk… Me more than him since I get drunk so easily. And he told me to go for a walk. We end up in the hotel he booked from (sic) HIMSELF, not for us, and that happened. After, I passed out and I can’t remember [anything] at all. I just know I woke up again at 4am and I messaged Erkkari saying I was okay and then I went back to sleep because I was feeling really bad,” she wrote.

The victim added a rumor had started going around that she had slept with Joe. She said it made her feel “betrayed” and “scared.” Joe also told her nobody knew the photo was her, telling her to “relax.”

According to Buwonye, Joe claimed the screenshot was from a video call where he shared the image, and that screenshot was the image being shared on social media.

“I honestly hate this. I feel so sick, the fact that people I thought they were my friends and I talked always good about were telling people that I was a bitch. It truly hurt. I get it, it can be funny at first until you think, how would they feel? Did any of the persons calling me bitch and telling me to die think how bad can do those words to someone?” she wrote in her Jan. 19 statement.

Many people responded to her TwitLonger with support, condemning the coach’s behavior. Some also added Joe and GiG should be in trouble for sharing the image.

Dot Esports has contacted both Buwonye and GiG for further comment. As of publication, neither has responded to requests.

This is not the first time GiG has been in trouble with the law. Last year, he was arrested by Manchester police for assaulting his ex-girlfriend. The reports include his partner claiming GiG had yelled at her, dragged her across the floor, and forced her to have sex with him.

No charges were filed at the time and GiG remained signed with Invictus.

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