Rek’Sai beyond Broken 5 League Patches in a Row

Rek’Sai, a capable early-game ganker who is typically selected as a Lee Sin counter, has dominated the Summoner’s Rift jungle for the past five patches. Rek’Sai is unquestionably one of the most broken junglers in the current League of Legends game, with an average win rate of 53%, a pick rate of 5%, and a ban rate of 8% in Master+.

Even though Rek’Sai has always been a strong pick in the hands of a highly skilled player, particularly in the early game, her recent early-game power has been intolerable largely due to bruiser-like itemization and strong base stats. Rek’Sai’s build path normally includes Prowler’s Claw, Death Dance or Maw of Malmortius, and Black Cleaver. While Prowler’s Claw helps Rek’Sai to close the gap between her and her target and makes it impossible to dodge the knock-up, Death Dance and Maw of Malmortius buy her enough time to burst priority targets.

Since Rek’Sai is easily one of the strongest champions in the early game, she needs to close out games as soon as possible because she falls off heavily in the mid to late game. Although it may be challenging to stop Rek’Sai from snowballing, it’s currently the best approach when it comes to shutting down the original Void queen. If you, on the other hand, want to match Rek’Sai early-game potency, try picking a similar aggressive jungler like Elise, Udyr, or Volibear.

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