Riot Fixed A Major Bug That Was Banning Hundreds of LOL Players

Hearthsteel, formerly known as Goliath’s Ascendancy, is already one of the most controversial items in League of Legends despite not even officially being in the game yet. After breaking the game and giving users 3.7 quintillion health on the PBE, it also apparently permanently banned hundreds of players who used it. But now, Riot Games has reportedly fixed the issue causing the bans and is looking to unban everyone affected.

According to League content creator and streamer, RossBoomsocks—who was one of the first victims of the bans—Riot fixed the issue. The issue, however, was apparently not down to the item and instead was thanks to a spell.

Unfortunately, Riot has yet to reveal any details regarding which spell was triggering its anti-cheat system and mass banning players. So, all previous conceptions that Heartsteel, third-party apps, VALORANT, or Riot’s anti-cheat Vanguard, were incorrect.

Since this is far from a definition of a minor bug, Riot’s anti-cheat team were involved and they are currently working towards unbanning all players that were unfairly banned. This means if you haven’t been unbanned by now, you’ll probably be in the next couple of days.

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