Riot Teases ‘Eclectic’ Agent 22 Coming to Valorant Soon

In a way that fans could not have anticipated, Riot Games has teased the upcoming agent for Valorant in a more “relaxing” manner.

After releasing some “super aggressive” agents, senior game producer for Riot’s FPS John Goscicki shared some initial information today about a more chilled agent arriving in 2023.

Along with Riot’s plan to release three agents this year, the producer announced that Agent 22 will soon reach the VALORANT Protocol. Their “eclectic” way of reaching the objective will surely bring out a more creative side in players than before. As Goscicki said, the new agent will give players “new ways to check corners” and “get onto locations” around the map.

This might leave players thinking of some sort of teleportation ability, but the most interesting new factor that Agent 22 could bring to the game strategy equation is a new way of planting the spike. Although Riot did not give more information on how that would be possible, the teaser image for the new agent and some enigmatic wording from Goscicki might have given it away.

Screengrab via Riot Games
In the video, Goscicki talks about how “stressful” the battlefield in VALORANT can become, and how all players sometimes “just need some friends” to “chill” with as they lock down a path to the next site. It’s possible that one of these “friends” will come from the VALORANT universe alongside the next agent since two clawed hands can be seen trying to grab a boba cup on the left side of the teased image for Agent 22.

VALORANT players will need to wait patiently for more information on Agent 22 and their eclectic ways to play the game.

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