Scump Shares Precious Career Advice With Fellow Call of Duty Pros and Streamers

Scump, a Call of Duty veteran and recently retired pro, recommended that fellow CDL workers get their hands insured in the most recent OpTic podcast episode where he spoke with the company’s CEO H3CZ and OpTic pros Anthony “Shotzzy” Cuevas-Castro and Cuyler “Huke” Garland.

Huke and Shotzzy didn’t know that hands insurance existed and asked Scump what was the point of it.

“What if you’re walking down the stairs, take a bad step, boom! [Your] wrist is gone,” Scump said, explaining why is so detrimental that pro players and streamers should have their hands covered. “Career’s over,” H3CZ added.

The insurance money, according to Scump, will come in handy during the recovery process in which it’s unclear if the player will be able to earn any money as a result of not playing professional matches because of the injury. H3CZ even told an OpTic staff member that was behind the camera to make sure Shotzzy and Huke get their hands insured after they’re done recording the podcast.

Although Shotzzy and Huke weren’t aware you can get your hands covered, this isn’t something new in esports or streaming. Faker, for example, has had his right hand insured for around $812,000 after T1 partnered with Korean Finance Company Hana Bank in 2020. FaZe Swagg, a prominent CoD: Warzone streamer, has his hands insured for around $7 million.

The career of a professional esports player is usually short and they can get not only their hands injured but also their back due to all the practice and traveling to play the tournaments, hence why it’s important to think ahead and be prepared for a potential injury.

Scump didn’t reveal how much money he’d get if he injured his hands, but we can only imagine that it’s a whopping amount as well, given his CoD skills.

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