Shox’s CS:GO Team Withdraws From All Tournaments

Apeks has withdrawn its CS:GO team from all upcoming tournaments, including the ESEA Advanced Europe playoffs, due to poor performance and a lack of preparation.

“Due to our current state we have decided to withdraw the main CS team from all competitions,” Apeks said. “Our results have been far from good enough and we need time to reflect and evaluate until we feel ready.”

The news comes mere weeks after the Norwegian-based organization signed Major champion Richard “⁠shox⁠” Papillon and Lithuanian player Justinas “jL” Lekavicius to revamp the roster alongside the hiring of former Virtus Pro head coach Jakub “kuben” Gurczyński to take over the reins.

The moves, however, did not make Apeks a better team, and the European team most notably missed on qualifying for IEM Rio Major Europe Regional Major Ranking (RMR) after consecutive losses in the four open qualifiers. This effectively put an end to shox’s record of Major attendances since the French star had qualified for every Valve-sponsored tournament until that point.

In addition to missing the Europe RMR, Apeks recently had another embarrassment to add to the list. The European team flew all the way to Philadelphia to attend Fragadelphia 17, where they were knocked out by BIG Academy in the semifinals. Apeks Rebels, the academy team of the organization, made the grand finals of Fragadelphia 16.

It’s unclear if Apeks will make additional roster changes in the coming weeks. The team currently features shox, jL, Joakim “⁠jkaem⁠” Myrbostad, Martin “⁠STYKO⁠” Styk, and Tim “⁠nawwk⁠” Jonasson.

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