Snip3down Retires From Professional Halo But Hints At His Next Step

One of the Halo legends has formally put down his or her weapons. Snip3down made a lengthy farewell video today to announce his departure from the Halo franchise and to offer a brief career overview.

From his days of winning MLG Halo 3 tournaments with Str8 Rippin to his year in Halo Infinite, Snip3down remained one of the best players in the scene. And despite not achieving the results that he most likely hoped for in Infinite, he was still a permanent fixture in top eights and beyond across multiple rosters.

Snip3down and the FaZe roster saw initial success over the last year of the Halo Championship Series, placing third at the HCS Kickoff Major in Raleigh before middling results led to roster changes. Snip3down ultimately left the FaZe roster to compete with eUnited. Although his time with eUnited was limited, the team did get a top-six finish at HCS Orlando and a top-eight placing at the HCS World Championship. Snip3down retires from professional Halo as one of the best players in the franchise’s history.

Across Halo 3, Reach, 5, 2 Anniversary, and Infinite, Snip3down was one of the most consistently successful players to ever touch the game, racking up nearly $1.5 million in total tournament winnings over the course of his 14-year Halo career.

While Snip3down is saying goodbye to Halo, his farewell video does tease his next move—and it certainly seems like fans who still want to see Snip3down playing games competitively won’t be disappointed. Throughout the video, Snip3down talks about his love for esports and competing in video games and mentions his brief stint as a Call of Duty player in addition to his Halo exploits. One game is conspicuously missing from the retrospective of his career, however: Apex Legends, the game that Snip3down left to return to Halo.

It’s been widely rumored and leaked that Snip3down might be making a return to Apex for the upcoming season of the Apex Legends Global Series. His potential squad had previously been leaked multiple times, most notably by Snip3down himself. FaZe Clan’s entrance into Apex was also teased by data-mined esports org weapon skins, of which FaZe was the only org represented that did not already have an ALGS squad. Notably, Snip3down has not removed FaZe from any of his social media accounts, despite announcing his retirement.

“You know what they say,” Snip3down says to the camera at the end of his farewell video. “When one door closes…”

If the leaks and teases hold true, he’ll be joined by strong teammates: Albralelie, one of the members of TSM’s Apex dynasty in the early days of the Apex Legends Global Series, and SlurpeeG, who previously played in the last year of ALGS Pro League with SXG and G-Force, and is widely considered to be one of the best controller players in North America. The trio has competed in various tournaments over the past several months under the team name ASS (an acronym formed by the first initial of each of their handles, of course).

If FaZe does enter Apex with Snip3down in tow, it will be the first time the team has a full competitive squad in the game. He wouldn’t be the only player on FaZe competing in the ALGS Pro League next year, however, since NICKMERCS has also qualified with his team Tripods.

But for now, a legend has left the game where he first made his mark and where he became one of the best players in the world. Snip3down’s Halo career might not be infinite, but his legacy surely will be.

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