Sources Confirm Provisional Vct Game Changers Emea 2023 Dates and Format

The first event of the 2023 VCT Game Changers in EMEA will kick off in the opening week of April, with the final being held in May, sources told Dot Esports. While the finalized and official schedule will be announced by Riot Games in the upcoming weeks, VALORANT fans can look forward to seeing more players change the game soon.

Last year Riot Games shared its plans for the new format for the 2023 Game Changers series, with the aim to create a path towards the World Championship for all players to challenge themselves. From the Academy and Emergents competitions, starting this year VALORANT players can ascend to the top of the pyramid. The new circuit was designed to be “the ideal pathway to pro,” according to Riot, and players will soon have the chance to make their way into the larger VCT ecosystem.

The VCT Game Changers main event for 2023 will begin with an open qualifier the first week of April, after which only 16 teams—including the top four from last years’ competition—will move to the group stage, according to sources. Details on which teams from last year will automatically reach this stage are yet to be revealed, but VALORANT fans shouldn’t be surprised to see G2 Gozen among the chosen squads.

After being divided in two groups, the teams will play a best-of-three single round robin at the end of which the top six teams will play a double elimination bracket. That will determine the top three teams that will move to the playoffs stage. The bottom team from each group will be relegated to the Contenders Series Two competition set to happen later in the year.

The six teams who reach the playoffs stage will have to battle it out in a double-elimination bracket. All matches will be best-of-three, except the lower-bracket and upper-bracket finals, which will be best-of-five.

After the winning team of the VCT GC EMEA first event is crowned, the first Contenders series will be held. Teams from all over Europe will be able to participate thanks to the open qualifiers, but only two will gain access to the second event of VCT Game Changers EMEA.

While details on regional events, the broadcast, and confirmation of which teams from last year will be invited are still yet to be revealed, the 2023 season promises to be a year that will expand Riot’s circuit dedicated to marginalized genders even further.

Dot Esports has reached out to Riot Games for a comment on the official announcement for the VCT Game Changers 2023, but they have yet to comment at time of publishing. This article will be updated with the statement.

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