Stained Glass-Themed Bundle Coming to VALORANT

Developer Riot Games has revealed that a fresh package with a stained glass motif will periodically be available in the VALORANT marketplace.

The Reverie bundle, which is set to release tonight, will feature multiple different colors on some popular weapons, such as the Phantom and Classic. But the Marshal, Guardian, and melee will get some love, too.

Each different weapon features its own stained glass theme, with the Phantom rocking a purple colorway. Perhaps Astra had something to do with the design choice. The Marshal, on the other hand, looks like it came straight out of Skye’s backpack with the green colors and leaves featured in the background.

The melee skin is dubbed the Reverie Sword, which could feature the same animation as the Sovereign Sword. But since this skin line is likely a filler for a much more exciting bundle in the future, fans shouldn’t expect the coolest animations or effects.

The bundle will likely cost around 3,500 VALORANT Points, nothing too pricey. These skins will likely be pretty bare without any major animations featured in flagship bundles such as the Ion or the most recent VCT LOCK//IN bundle.

Several of the previous bundles introduced to the game carried a hefty price tag. The VCT LOCK//IN bundle, which was dubbed an exclusive skin line, was 5,440 VP. The Luna bundle, which was in the rotation prior to the LOCK//IN bundle, cost 5,100 VP.

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