Summit1g Smashes Tarkov Cheating Culture After Facing Blatant Hacker

In the clip from yesterday, the well-known streamer encountered a blatant hacker, who was unkillable and floated in the air. Getting rid of that player was simply impossible, which quickly frustrated summit1g, who didn’t comment on the matter immediately.

After the situation, however, the content creator took to Twitter, where he had some words to say about Escape from Tarkov’s cheating culture. “Fighting against a floating dude w/ god mode and you guys expect me to believe dude’s aren’t using a lil wallhack closet cheating in Tarkov,” he wrote.

His answer implies that there are far more cheaters in the game using hacks than it seems, saying that most cheaters aren’t that straightforward and blatant about using disallowed, third-party programs. They are rather using hacks in a more subtle way so that they don’t get caught in the act.

Escape from Tarkov‘s developers shipped a new major update to the game on Dec. 28, 2022, bringing new features and a new map to the game. While these changes seem to have brought back many players into the title, the cheating problem remains unchanged, and is still one of the biggest issues.

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