Support Acquired: Houston Outlaws Adds Former Los Angeles Gladiators Flex for 2023

One day into the 2023 Overwatch League free agent signing period, the person in charge of the company credit card at the Houston Outlaws’ headquarters is probably starting to feel the pressure. The squad is obviously using all that prize money to build an even more competitive roster for the upcoming season after finishing third in the 2022 season.

Former Los Angeles Gladiators flex support Kim “Shu” Jin-seo is joining Houston’s roster for 2023, the Outlaws announced today.

Shu is a two-time Role Star Award winner for his support play and has long been a critical component of the Los Angeles Gladiators. A near-constant sight in the starting lineup, Shu is known for his clutch plays on heroes like Baptiste and Ana. During his tenure with the Gladiators, the team won three tournament championships across two seasons.

He started his career on the Guangzhou Charge, becoming a bright spot on an otherwise mid-level team. That’s also where casters and analysts popularized the phrase “Shu Shu train” for his fan base; plenty of Outlaws fans will be hopping on the locomotive next year.

This signing comes shortly after Houston announced that former Dallas Fuel tank Lee “Fearless” Eui-seok is also joining the Outlaws in 2023, fresh off his championship win with the Fuel.

Much of the 2022 Houston roster was dismantled despite the team’s high placement in the final season standings. As of Dec. 23, the Outlaws’ roster consists of Fearless, Shu, and star DPS Oh “Pelican” Se-hyun. With half a dozen awards and titles between them, that’s a scary start to a roster.

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