Tarik Could Raise the Stakes of VALORANT Pro City in the Near Future

Tarik, a well-known VALORANT streamer and former CS:GO player, is saving competitive play for other streamers and pros in North America with his Player City hub. Viewers have applauded the attempt to assemble professionals on a Discord server and play unique competitive games. Additionally, the participants are no longer required to waste their time competing in ranking matches against match fixers on cryptocurrency betting services. When a pro or streamer entered their game, these players would intentionally throw matches, and Riot Games has failed to address the problem.

Pro City kicked off in January and, unlike what some have thought, Riot is not opposed to the idea. The company even encouraged Tarik and other players to put money on the line, which definitely would take the matches and seriousness to another level.

“I spoke with Riot and they don’t have a plan of taking us down,” Tarik said during his latest livestream. “They’re also open to us potentially introducing prizing.”

Tarik and some of the other players in Pro City have already experienced playing custom lobbies for money in their past CS:GO careers. They’d gather enough players and play matches on a third-party matchmaking platform with money on the line. If they do this in VALORANT, viewers would likely get more interested in following the matches and the players could even ask for some casters to co-stream the action.

Pro City currently features 139 professional players and streamers in North America. The Guard’s Michael “neT” Bernet was the best player during January, having finished the month with a 1,447 MMR thanks to his 21 wins and only five losses. Tarik, on the other hand, had the second-worst MMR of Pro City in January. He finished with 767 MMR after 41 losses and only 27 wins.

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