The LMAO Major: English-Speaking Dota 2 Fans Are Upset With the Lima Major Production

The group stage matches for the Dota 2 Lima Major started today. Delays and overlay issues on the first day of the tournament’s broadcast made it difficult for viewers to enjoy watching the event on Twitch.

The poor viewing experience has left many questioning the quality of the tournament’s coverage from the get-go, with some fans even saying they’d prefer PGL, Dota 2’s controversial tournament organizer.

The hype levels for the Major were at an all-time high, with 4D Esports dropping a banger anthem, and other broadcasts than the English, hosted by Epulze, seemed to be doing fine throughout the day.

While South American and Russian Dota 2 fans were enjoying the Major in their native language broadcasts, though, English-speaking viewers were dealing with constant broadcast errors that made the event unwatchable.

From overlay oversights to panels talking over each other, the English broadcast had its fair share of troubles, especially during the first hours. Given PGL’s absence from the event, fans were also expecting a higher production value but instead were treated to a low-budget setup.

The production panel was a hit or miss, depending on which fans you asked. Some viewers expressed their dislike of the panel, while others appreciated the local touch. Considering Dota 2 has been in a downward trend in tournament productions since the AniMajor, production companies can’t seem to get on fans’ good side.

The quality of Dota 2 matches has been making up for the shortcomings of productions and streams for over a year now, but the fans are getting frustrated by the representation that their favorite game gets in some of the biggest tournaments of the year.

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