This LEC Rookie Has the Most Kills After Second Week of 2023 Winter Split

As of his first six games, Martin “Yike” Sundelin of G2 Esports had the most kills in the competition with 38, according to Oracle’s Elixir, a League of Legends stat site. At the same time, he boasts a 5.1 KDA ratio, the greatest KDA for a G2 player, with 14 deaths and 33 assists to his belt.

Yike has been pivotal for G2 this split. With one Player of the Game award, 70.3 percent kill participation, and 37.6 percent kill share—which is the second-highest in the competition (according to Oracle’s Elixir)—Yike has been proving that despite being a rookie, he’s more than capable of competing with the best.

G2 revamped their LEC roster last offseason, bringing in two veterans, Hans Sama and Mikyx. Yike was the third and final addition to the starting roster, but he’s the only player to have no LEC experience before this year. He was clearly a skillful player after winning the LFL twice last year, and reaching the European Masters final and semifinals, in Spring and Summer, respectively.

With a 4-2 record, which places G2 in second place in the league alongside MAD Lions, Team BDS, and SK Gaming, the European superteam will almost certainly qualify for the 2023 LEC Winter Groups. Eight out of 10 squads competing in the Winter Season will advance to the next stage.

Yike and G2 return to action this Saturday when they will face BDS.

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