Tyler1’s Teammate Showcases 200 IQ Anti-Ghosting Strategy

Popular League of Legends streamer Tyler1 recently came upon a humorous technique for fooling with opposing stream snipers while playing Gangplank in the top lane.

Tyler1 has been on quite the Gangplank spree as of late, clocking in countless games of The Saltwater Scourge on his various Platinum-ranked League smurf accounts. Although this makes his games a bit easier while learning such a difficult champion, since he’s playing on a rank far below his usual level, this also allows a larger portion of his viewer base to stream snipe him.

Ghosting or stream sniping is a form of cheating in many multiplayer video games in which an opponent joins a streamer’s broadcast to gain additional information and an unfair advantage.

For most small streamers, ghosting isn’t much of an issue, but when you’re arguably the biggest League of Legends broadcaster in the world, it can sometimes seem like every match Tyler1 plays has stream snipers. This is especially true when the Twitch star is playing in the Platinum rank, which contains over eight percent of League‘s North American player base according to LeagueofGraphs.

During Tyler1’s League of Legends broadcast yesterday, while facing an enemy Olaf who appeared to be ghosting, Big T’s teammate employed an impressive strategy for combating the cheater.

“Wait, this guy is spam-pinging even though he’s not coming because he knows they’re ghosting, so he backs off. Wait, that’s actually just 5Head as fuck,” Tyler1 said.

The hilariously genius strategy from Nami seemed to do the trick, with Tyler1 and his squad managing to win the incredibly close 38-minute nail-biter League of Legends match.

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