VALORANT Game Changers Player Larischz Reportedly Dead at 27

She apparently passed away earlier today while on vacation in Pinamar, an Argentine beach city; the cause of death is still unknown. The news of her passing was originally reported by the Brazilian news outlet VALORANT Zone.

The Argentinian competed in the Brazil Game Changers circuit with several different teams throughout her tenure. She competed recently with DELIRA Female in the Esportsmaker Spike Ladies No. 4 tournament, which concluded on Oct. 29.

DELIRA Female won the event, which featured a $2,849 USD (15,000 BRL) prize pool, following a victory against Black Dragons Female in the grand final. Larischz was instrumental to the team’s success and played a variety of different agents such as Killjoy, Omen, Cypher, and Brimstone.

She competed in the VCT 2022: Game Changers Brazil Series Two, which took place in mid-October. Her team finished in the top six of the tournament following a defeat to Gamelanders Purple in the upper quarterfinals and a subsequent loss to B4 Angels in the lower bracket semifinals.

Larischz formerly played under one of the most prominent organizations in Brazilian VALORANT, Keyd Stars. The team, which was dubbed Keyd Stars Athenas, finished in the top six of the Protocolo: Evolução tournament, which featured other teams such as Gamelanders Purple, B4 Angels, and Havan Liberty Female.

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