Valve Expands CS:GO Major Qualification System With One Big Change

On December 12, the official rules were revised to include the next year. Most significantly, a new step has been added to the road to RMRs in the form of closed qualifiers, to which select teams will be immediately invited via recently implemented regional ranking, skipping the open qualifiers. Additional spots will be available for the Asia RMR.

Each region will hold at least one closed qualifier, which can be hosted online. The number of teams participating in the closed qualifiers will be “at minimum, twice the number of teams who will advance to the RMR.” At least half of the squads playing in this qualifier will be invited through the Regional Standing ranking. Valve hasn’t yet, however, released details regarding the ranking itself. The non-invited teams will still have the opportunity to battle their way through open qualifiers.

Some regions may also split the closed qualifier to avoid issues, like those regarding ping. For example, the Americas may be divided into the closed qualifier for North America and South America. In that case, the spots must be evenly divided, and if that’s not possible, the remaining spot “will be granted to the subdivided qualifier featuring the team with highest Regional Standing.”

The other change made in the recent rulebook update touches on the Asia-Pacific region. The slots in its RMR tournament were increased from four to eight, which fixes a concern that many fans were voicing in the past several weeks, especially after the IEM Rio Major.

The next Major will be held in Paris from May 8 to 21. It will be organized for the first time by

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