Warzone 2 Unhinged Game Mode Allows Players to Assimilate Enemies Into Their Squad

The familiar action that fans have come to anticipate from Call of Duty: Warzone 2 is returning, but the game also debuts the new Unhinged game mode, in which you can assemble a squad of enemy soldiers.

Warzone 2 launches on all platforms today, bringing the classic solos, duos, and quads modes into the new game. But there are also new modes for players to enjoy, including a third-person mode and the all-new Unhinged mode.

In Unhinged, players can “break the squad limit” by using “Assimilation” to add enemy players to their squad. Squads can have up to six players, meaning you can overwhelm enemies if you can convince other players to join your team.

The Unhinged game mode supports a maximum of 150 players and features teams of three. A team of six players can easily overwhelm a group of three, and the new Assimilation option can help the final player alive in a squad get another chance at victory. Working together with another team allows you to potentially double your squad size, which can easily sway a match. Think twice before eliminating an enemy team since they might be the secret to victory.

Don’t worry if the new Assimilation feature isn’t your thing. You can jump into a classic game of Warzone in the solos, duos, or trios playlist. But consider trying Unhinged if you need a change of pace.

At time of writing, battle royale quads is the only playlist option in Warzone 2. It is unclear exactly when the other playlists and Unhinged will become available.

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