‘We Just Turned Up’: OpTic Texas Punch Ticket to Sunday With Sweep of Boston Breach at CDL Major 2

OpTic Texas quickly bounced back to demolish the Boston Breach today and advance to Championship Sunday at the Call of Duty League Boston Major with a 3-0 victory, only hours after being swept. The first map in the series, Hydro Hardpoint, was a real page-turner. Boston had a late-game advantage of 245-211 in a back-and-forth game. OpTic needed to play flawlessly to prevent a map loss because Boston was only five seconds away from capturing the map and establishing a 1-0 lead. The Green Wall is fortunate to have Dashy on their side.

The MVP candidate came up huge, winning what seemed like every single gunfight down the stretch. With the Breach desperately trying to get into the Hardpoint, Dashy picked up two of the biggest kills of the match, taking down Methodz and Nero to keep Boston off the point and allow for reinforcements to arrive. The rotation to the next hill was won by OpTic, and Texas managed the unthinkable to take the 1-0 lead. While Dashy came up with the timely kills late in the map, Shotzzy put on a show of his own. The superstar notched 40 kills in the Hardpoint, good for a 1.74 K/D in a game mode his team has struggled with in recent matches.

Despite the gut-wrenching loss in map one, Boston came out firing in the series’ second map, Fortress Search and Destroy. The Breach took four of the map’s first five rounds and looked poised to tie the series at one map apiece. But from that moment on, OpTic flipped the proverbial switch and turned the map on its head.

After Texas finally got a round to stop the bleeding and bring it to a 4-2 count, iLLeY took over. While known for pulling out the sniper in SnD, the 2020 world champion made his plays with the TAQ-56 in-hand count. He found all four players in the seventh round, notching an ace and cutting the Breach’s lead to just one. In a huge swing round that OpTic needed to win, iLLeY found another three kills and Texas brought the map to a 4-4 stalemate.

“We just turned up. I turned up. We just rebounded,” iLLeY, who sported a 1.83 K/D in the Search and Destroy, told Dot Esports after their victory. “Talked over our HP, what we wanted to do. Talked over our SnD. And just cleaned it up.”

In a one-vs-one situation featuring Shotzzy and Nero, Shotzzy continued his heroics by defending the planted bomb and finding the final kill needed to give his team the lead in a map that seemed all but over just minutes earlier. With yet another first blood in the round for OpTic, the Boston players fell one by one as the Green Wall found themselves just one more map win away from Championship Sunday.

OpTic rode the momentum in the first round of the series’ third map, El Asilo Control. Starting on the offensive end, Texas found themselves down 16-5 in the lives count for the round. Despite the huge advantage for Boston, OpTic got a clean four-down and stacked the point for the win, giving themselves a huge leg up in the map.

While Boston did manage to snag the next offensive round to tie the Control at 1-1, OpTic won the next two to clinch the map and punch their ticket to Sunday. They will have a rematch with the Los Angeles Thieves, whom they beat 3-2 on the first day of Major Two, tomorrow at 2pm CT for a spot in the elimination bracket finals.

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