85% of Midnight Suns Players Haven’t Pet the Dog on Steam, Disgraceful

Charlie, the Abbey’s cute hellhound, is one of Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ greatest features. Although it’s not a must for the story of the strategy game, patting her is the appropriate thing to do – unless you’re 85% of the Steam user base, that is.

In order to unlock the Steam achievement ‘The Best Girl,” players have to pet Charlie 15 days in a row. Yes, that means a lot of “who’s a good girl, it is my Charlie girl,” but it’s all worth it just to see that little love heart.

One player recently completed the adorable quest, but has made a particularly shocking discovery: only 14.9% of players have acquired the achievement, meaning that 85.1% of fans have been neglecting their duties to the adorable Charlie.

It goes without saying that I’m a little disappointed in you, friends (as is the original poster). If not for the love of the pupper, at least think about the upgraded abilities and potential gloss and arcane knowledge! After all, befriending Charlie can drop these buffs and items.

If you are looking to make up for the sins of 2022, one player has commented “I made sure to pet/praise in the day and night time of each and had no issues. You can also ask Charlie to follow you to a different area to change the option from praise to pet as well.”

Others have also noted that ‘praise’ contributes to the achievement as well, and you can skip the cutscenes if you don’t fancy hearing “who’s a good girl” over and over again.

Now you have no excuses – go pet Charlie! Once you’re done showering her in love, though, you’ll need the best Midnight Suns Hunter build up your sleeve to ensure that you can take on Lilith’s minions. It’s also worth checking out our Midnight Suns tier list to ensure you’re fielding all of the best heroes.

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