A Total Warhammer 3 Immortal Empires Mod Adds Lots of Landmark Lore

The Immortal Empires campaign’s new sandbox area for Total War: Warhammer 3 is enormous and filled with individual provinces for players to conquest and plunder. There is now a Total War 3 Immortal Empires mod that fills all that empty space with a massive collection of uniquely constructed locations drawn directly from the Warhammer mythology. Longtime aficionados of the expansive globe of the strategy game should definitely download this one because it also offers personalised quest battles, items, and dilemmas.

Immortal Monuments, created by modder Heimdal, includes around 150 new landmarks scattered throughout the huge world map. There are 300 new effects associated with the monuments – some add ‘normal’ monument-type stuff like buffs to faction-wide order or enlistment discounts, while others are unique and will do things like summon coastal storms, open portals, or give your armies access to powerful spells.

Heimdal has done lots of research for this mod, pulling flavour text and geographical information directly from official Warhammer lore. Pull up the info panel on the Tree of Beards, for instance, and you’ll find out that it’s a grisly holy site for the greenskins, where they’ve hung the heads (and beards) of Dwarfs they’ve slain (it also grants +1 Waaagh reputation per turn and makes your greenskins deadlier when fighting Dwarfs).

Heimdal says that placing custom landmarks won’t be feasible until mod tools are available for Immortal Empires, but they’ve been able to replace and modify existing landmarks for the time being. Most of the landmarks in the mod will be implemented once Mixu’s faction unlocker arrives.

Head to the Steam Workshop and hit ‘subscribe’ if you want to check out Immortal Landmarks now. Be warned, though: if you use the Dead of the Orient mod, Immortal Landmarks seems to be incompatible for the time being. Heimdal says it’s an issue that’s being worked on, and hopefully it’ll be resolved soon.

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