All Standard Destiny 2 Armor Mods Are Being Unlocked for Everyone

According to Bungie, all of the normal Destiny 2 armour mods will be available to all players starting on January 11. Just over a month from now, Destiny 2 Lightfall will be released, and Bungie says it wants to “give everyone a chance to appreciate all mods in their current condition” before significant changes accompany the MMORPG’s upcoming major expansion.

The newly unlocked mods do not include raid mods, but it does cover everything else – and it’s a massive number of items that can be inconvenient to collect. Most can be purchased in the Tower from Ada-1, who only offers four mods at any given time – which means you can wait around for quite a while before a specific mod you’re looking for turns up.

That can spell trouble for Guardians trying to put together good end-game and raid Destiny 2 builds – if they’re missing key mods, tackling the game’s pinnacle challenges can be daunting enough to take a pass.

Bungie also announced that it’s reducing the focusing costs for Trials of Osiris, Iron Banner, Crucible, and Gambit gear to 25 legendary shards, and reducing the focus cost of adept weapons to 50 legendary shards.

Finally, the developer revealed that Grandmaster Nightfalls will be arriving January 17, and that the next update will make the Grandmaster power cap and structure “more approachable for all players, while remaining some of our most challenging content.”

More information will be coming in this week’s TWAB, which arrives January 12.

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