Back 4 Blood Children of the Worm Trailer Introduces Prophet Dan

A new trailer for the upcoming Back 4 Blood Children of the Worm release offers the best glimpse yet at what we may expect to encounter in Act 5 of the zombie cooperative game. Prophet Dan, an Irish preacher with a shotgun and a moustache who wants to save his flock from the insane cult aggressively attempting to spread the Ridden virus, is introduced in the trailer.

Prophet Dan is a new playable cleaner, and he’s hoping to break into cult central to free his followers, who the cult has captured. They probably have some nasty plans in store, so it’ll be up to Dan and the other cleaners to spring them loose – and it looks like we’ll be facing some fresh opposition in the process.

Snipers with laser sights are positioned on the roof of the cult’s compound, and inside, there are new kinds of half-crazed enemies, including a beefy brawler-type enemy armed with iron claws. The Children of the Worm are cool with the Ridden, too, so expect to run into pockets of the undead during your stay.

You’ll also want to be on the lookout for bear traps on your way in.

Children of the Worm adds a new story campaign, new weapons, new accessories, and new cards to build into your deck. There are also eight new character skins and 12 new weapon skins included in the expansion.

You’ll be able to take the fight to the cult when Children of the Worm launches tomorrow, August 30.

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